Health care industry around the world trusts Nippon Express services and solutions due to our high efficiency in logistics that accomplishes the demanded requirements for the main markets around the globe.


The medical devices, pharma- ceutical and biotech products require to comply with rigorous regulations as well as shipping specifications; achieving the optimal functioning of the logistics networks of this industry is possible only by closely co-working and listening to our clients, the complete analysis and understanding of their needs as well as the restrictions and regulations that the market and the government require; our integrated solutions are ready to react  in a flexible way to the constant changes in requirements of the industry, guaranteeing that temperature and time sensible products arrive in a safe way to the correct destination.


Truck, ocean, 

air and multimodal 



Value added 

services (Picking, 

Kitting, Etc…)



Quality inspections


Customs clearance


Cargo storage


Regional and local 



Distribution services

In-Plant logistics



Reverse logistics