As specialists in the automotive industry, we offer the solutions that the complex supply chains of the industry require to comply with the increasing demand to improve delivery times and conditions that the market requires.


The services and “in plant” logistics  consultancy from Nippon Express, are used by automotive giants to improve their manufacturing , international trade and logistics processes, nevertheless, logistics does not finish at the plant; with decades of experience in the sector, our specific solutions to attend the logistics challenges faced by the industry in Mexico and around the world go from cargo storage to the complete  supply chain management, beginning with purchase orders control and concluding with material delivery at the production line.


Thanks to the expertise of our staff and our extensive global network, we are capable of offering tailor made designed solutions to comply with the specific needs of your business.


Truck, ocean, air 

and multimodal 


Picking, Kitting 

and Packaging


Autoparts and Raw 

Material Distribution



Just In Time Solutions 



Packaging Solutions 

(Design, Development, 


Vendor Managed 

Inventory (VMI)


Purchase Order



In-Plant Logistics



Machinery Packaging, 


and Installation



Milk Runs Developing 

and Operation