Nippon Express is one of the leaders in logistics services worldwide, operating more than 600 offices in 42 countries with 4.5 million square meters of warehouse by our specialized staff supporting our customers on reducing costs with logistic efficiency through our knowledge in every step that conforms the supply and value chain, while increasing visibility and inventory control in transit and warehouse.


As a company of Nippon Express group, Nippon Express de Mexico offers incomparable “strategic logistics,” combining distinctive information systems, logistics infrastructure and transport modes.  We offer the support that our customers require through the offer of storage, distribution, customs clearance, truck, air, ocean and multimodal services, as well as tailor made solutions in packaging, removal, machinery set-up and movement of heavy weight and oversized equipment.


The logistics scenario becomes more complex each day, new and urgent challenges, constant modifications on customs and commercial regulations as well as restrictions on transport capacity and storage are all great threats for the smooth control of the supply chain for the both supplier and final consignee; our global network allows companies to access new markets around the world, designing custom made solutions to position their merchandise anywhere in the world through a single window contact.


News / Notices

Tropical Storm Lorena, temporary closure of Port of Manzanillo.

Dear Client:

Through this, we allow ourselves to report that derived from Tropical Storm “Lorena”, which has the prognosis of becoming a Category 1 Hurricane, impacting on the beaches of the city and port of Manzanillo, the decision has been made to close the OCUPA Group operating units.

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Customs schedules for September 16th.

Dear Valued Customer

Please be informed about Customs Schedules for September 16th, Anniversary of Mexican Independence. During this day some Customs will be closed, please consider these schedules in your shipments’ operations. 

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Foreign Trade Referenced Deposit (Capture Line).

Dear Client:

By this means, we inform you that today it has been published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, in the section of the SHCP under the title “AGREEMENT that modifies the General Rules for the reception of information on tax returns and the collection of federal resources by credit institutions ”, the extension for the entry into force of the Referenced Payment (capture line) for Foreign Trade contributions. Once the term has been counted from the original date of publication, we can conclude that the next effective date will be November 25, 2019.

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Blockage in Manzanillo and Altamira Port.

Dear Client:

We inform you that the circulation to enter or leave the port of Manzanillo is currently blocked, which will be affecting the operations. We encourage to take proper precautions to avoid delays in your operations.

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CBP Information - Ciudad Reynosa Customs.

Dear Client:

It is hereby informed that CBP has just informed us that, as of Wednesday, August 7 of this year, the empty containers lane in Export (American side) will only be open until 16:00 p.m. For the following type of vehicles:

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Our Compromise


Every single office in Nitppon Express de Mexico owns the ISO-9001 certification with the aim of improve and maintain a standard in our services. As a leader partner in logistics, NEMX has established a quality system to ensure our continuous compromise with our customers, providing the highest quality in our extensive set of logistics services.

Environment Responsability

As a leader in the logistics sector, we have big responsibility for the conservation of the global environment; Nippon Express group takes seriously the task of boosting the development of business related with the environment such as environment friendly vehicles and the development of eco-friendly services, reduction on CO2 and recycling.


Nippon Express de Mexico is committed to protect every shipment from the different risks faced by the cargo’s movement in Mexico such as robbery and cargo manipulation. Thanks to our global presence, Nippon Express actively participates in government and industry programs to accomplish specific requirements to improve security and accelerate the transit of shipments.


Nippon Express Company, Ltd., was established in 1937 in line with the Nippon Tsu-un Kaisha Law as a semi-government transportation enterprise. The Company was created by pooling the assets of Kokusai Tsu-un KK (International Express Co., Ltd.), which consolidated many of the nation's small-scale rail transport companies, and six other competitors, with additional funding from the Japanese government. In 1950, under the Express Business Act and the Commercial Law Act, the company was re launched as a private company. 

Since we opened our first representative office abroad at New York in 1958, the global network of Nippon Express has expanded to more than 600 locations in 42 countries. Nippon Express de Mexico was founded on November 9th of 1990 in Mexico City, since that moment Nippon Express has remained in constant growth thanks to the trust of our customers for our services, reaching the 10 locations which today conform our local organization; such locations are settled strategically in the geographic areas with more industrial concentration, as well as in logistically strategic points that allows us to set ourselves apart from the competence.

Corporate Information


Since our founding, the Nippon Express Group has employed our logistical strengths to connect people, businesses and regions throughout the world. In so doing, we have continuously supported social development. 

Code of Conduct

To assist in creating a sustainable society, the Nippon Express Group will carry out its corporate social responsibilities through its various business operations, based on the following principles. See More...

Our Organization

Nippon Express Group is made of diversified companies which allow us to offer a wide business portfolio and create tailor made solutions, from the beginning to the end of the supply chain in all of the different industries.